We offer the best Hardwood Flooring services in Franklin, Tennessee.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

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At Hardwood Franklin in Franklin, TN we provide the most customized hardwood floor installation Franklin, TN has to offer. We specialize in high quality site-finished hardwood floor installation. Pre-finished wood floors, site-finished or a different type of flooring altogether, tell us what you need and we will provide. Our skilled installers have had extensive training and experience in both installation methods. Choose us, because we offer you unlimited options for the stain and finish making site-finished flooring more customizable than pre-finished. While at work, our experts minimize dust and debris during the installation so that you can enjoy your new floors without a huge mess. We offer a variety of hardwood products and finishes, including many Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), water-based low VOC finishes, and LEED certified products.

Do you need certified hardwood flooring products? Get in touch with us. Let us install the best quality hardwood flooring available. Contact us for hardwood floor staining options.

Hardwood Flooring Refinishing & Maintenance

The flooring experts of Hardwood Franklin in Franklin, TN can help you with quality hardwood refinishing and customized hardwood floors installation needs. Hardwood floors are a beautiful and traditional flooring option that adds to the elegance of any home. Our installers are highly skilled and experienced with hardwood flooring; in addition, they are fully insured. When we come to your home to install or refinish your hardwood floors, we can also repair damaged floors, refinish cabinets and refinish hand rails or banisters. Not all of these services are available in every circumstance, so be sure to ask about the services you are interested in.

When our experts visit your home, they will evaluate the need for refinishing on your hardwood floor. Our refinishing process starts with sanding the floor to make it smoother and then applying new finish of your choice. When choosing a new stain and finish, you are not limited by your floor’s previous finish. You are free to choose something completely different for an altogether new look. Our hardwood flooring experts can help you with the difficult task of selecting the right finish for your home floors.

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Hardwood Patios & Decks

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When it comes to classic looks, there isn’t anything that is better than hardwood. By choosing to go with a wooden deck or patio, you are choosing to go with class and a timeless look. Furthermore, it has the advantage of being durable and affordable. Hardwood Franklin offers comprehensive hardwood services in Franklin, TN, including patios, decks, ipe decking, and fences.

Aside from the beautiful and classic look that wood brings to the whole homestead, there are several other benefits of using hardwood for your patio and fences. Durability cannot be stressed enough. When building something around your homestead, you do not want to carry out a temporary job. You want to build something that will last for a long time. Ten, twenty even thirty years down the line with minimal maintenance required. This is exactly what wood offers you, just look at how long hardwood floors can last. Not only are they very durable but they handle normal wear and tear with a lot of grace. This makes this kind of investment sound and reasonable. These are home improvements that you will be enjoying for years to come.